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Much importance is attached to the privacy protection of users by Papergames, thus we are publishing this Privacy Policy on how we collect, use, disclose, share and store user information. We may collect and use your information when you use our services. We hope that this Privacy Policy will inform you on how we collect, use, store, share, access, update, control and protect your information when you use our services. This Privacy Policy applies to interactions between users and Papergames, user registration and use of Papergames services. We encourage you to go through this policy to help you understand how to maintain your privacy. In order for you to understand this policy, the provisions of this policy that greatly matter to your interests are made in bold.
Your use or continuation of use of our services shall constitute consent to our collection, use, storage and sharing of your information according to this Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or relevant issues, please contact us at

Information we may collect

The following information related to you may be collected, stored and used when we provide services. If you do not provide such information, you may not be able to register as a user, receive some of our services, or achieve the desired results of our services.
Information that you provide

• Personal information provided to us when you register an account or use our services, e.g. phone number, ID information, email address, etc.;

• Bank account or other accounts used for payment only if they are associated with your accounts when our services are made available to you;

• Shared information that you provide to other parties through our services and information stored when you use our services.

Information that is shared from other parties

• Shared information related to you provided by other parties when they access our services.

Information we acquire from you

We may collect the following information when you access our services:

Log, which means technical information that may be collected by cookies, web beacons or other means when you access our services, including:

o Device or software information, e.g. configuration information, your IP address, version of your mobile device and its identifier provided by your mobile device, web browsers or other programs used to access our services;

o Information searched for or viewed when you use our services, e.g. web search terms you use, URL address of social media pages you access, other information and details that you browse or are required to be provided when you access our services;

o Information on and of mobile applications and other software you have used;

o Information you communicate through our services, e.g. account number, time, data and length of communication;

o Information (metadata) contained in the data you share through our services, e.g. shared photos taken or uploaded, or when, what time or where they are taken.

Location information, which means information on your location collected when you start the positioning function and use our location-based services, including:

o Information of your geographic location collected via GPS or WiFi when you use our services with your positioning-based mobile device;

o Real-time information containing your location provided by you or other users, e.g. your location contained in your account information, shared information uploaded by you or others showing your current or previous location, or geographic tags contained in photos shared by you or others;

o You can stop collection of your location information by disabling the positioning function.

How do we use your information?

We may use the information collected in the course of our services to:

• Provide services to you;

• Verify identity, provide customer service, ensure safety, monitor fraud, file and copy such information to ensure safety of our products and services;

• Help us design new services and improve our existing service;

• Help us better know how you access and use our services in order to meet your special needs, e.g. language settings, location settings, special assistance and tips, or respond otherwise to your and other users' requirements;

• Provide you with relevant advertisements in place of common ones;

• Assess and improve performance of advertising and other promotions in our service;

• Certify software or upgrade management software;

• Engage you in our product and service surveys.

In order to give you a better experience, improve our services or let you accept other uses, we may use information collected through a certain service for our other services comprehensively or individually subject to compliance with relevant laws and regulations. For example, the information collected when you use a service may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or show you the information that is related to you instead of general one. If we provide options in relevant services, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by the service for our other services.

How do you access and control your personal information?

We will take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and correct your registration information or other personal information provided when you use our services. When accessing, updating, correcting or deleting such information, we may check your identity in order to protect your account.

How do we share your information?

Except for the following circumstances, we and our affiliates will not share your personal information with any third party without your consent:

• We and our affiliates may share your personal information with our affiliates, partners, third-party service providers, contractors and agents (e.g. communication service providers who send emails or give notices on our behalf, or map service providers that provide us with location data, which may not be in your jurisdiction) to:

o Provide you with our services;

o Achieve the purposes as mentioned in the section “How do we use your information”;

o Fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights as set forth in this Privacy Policy or other agreements between you and Papergames; and

o Understand, maintain and improve our services.

If we or our affiliates share your personal information with any third party as above mentioned, we will endeavor to ensure that such third parties comply with this Privacy Policy and take appropriate security and confidentiality measures we require when using your personal information.

• With the development of our business, we and our affiliates may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or other transactions, and your personal information may be transferred accordingly. We will keep you informed before such transfer.

• We or our affiliates may also retain, store or disclose your personal information:

o To disclose it with your consent or authorization;

o To comply with applicable laws and regulations;

o To comply with court orders or other legal procedures;

o To comply with requirements of relevant governmental authorities;

o For purposes as reasonably needed to comply with applicable laws and regulations, safeguard public interest, or protect personal and property safety or legal interests of our customers, Papergames, our group companies, other users or employees;

o For other purposes as set forth in provisions or statements of Papergames Services, or deemed necessary by Papergames.

Information safety

We retain your personal information only for a period necessary to meet the purposes as described in this Privacy Policy, or a period required by law.
We employ security technology and procedures to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure of such information. For example, we will use encryption technology (e.g. SSL) to protect your personal information in certain services. However, please understand that due to technical limitations and potential existence of malicious means, we cannot warrant 100% security even if we have tried our best to take security measures. You need to understand that the system and communication network that you use to access our services may fail due to some factors beyond our control.

Information you share

Many of our services may allow you to share your information not only with your online games, but also with all users of such services, e.g., information you upload or post in our services (including your personal information you have made public, and lists you created), your response to information uploaded or posted by others, as well as location data and logs related to such information. Other users of our services may also share information about you (including location and log information). In particular, our social media services are designed to let you share information with users around the world, so you can have information shared widely and on a real-time basis. As long as you do not delete the shared information, it will remain in the public domain; even if you have deleted the shared information, it may be cached, copied or stored by other users or third parties beyond our control, or kept in the public domain by other users or such third parties.
Therefore, please be careful when you upload, publish or communicate information through our services. In some cases, you can control what users can access your shared information through the privacy setting in some of our services. If you require us to remove your information from our services, please do so in the way as set forth in our special service provisions. Users of Papergames Services can choose whether or not to disclose such information. Some information is required to register for our service, but provision of most other information is decided by the users themselves. Papergames will ensure comfort and choice of users come first.
Papergames provides users with numerous online interactive activities. To facilitate users' participation in the activities and acquiring prizes thereafter, Papergames usually requires applicants to register their preferences in addition to contacts (mail address and phone number). Such information is used by Papergames to accumulate data for users. If users do not want to provide such information, nor to participate in such activities, it is up to them to decide.

Tips for information update and disclosure

Papergames encourages users to update and modify their personal information for it to be effective. Users of Papergames Services can easily access and modify their personal information any time. Users can modify or delete their information at their own discretion.
Please remember that whenever you are willing to disclose your personal information (e.g. on a message board, by email or in a chat zone), it may be collected and used by others, Papergames is not responsible for any disclosure of your personal information for that reason. If you post any personal information on such media, you may cause disclosure of it thereof. Therefore, we remind you to carefully consider whether or not it is necessary to disclose your personal information on such media.

Sensitive personal information you share

Certain personal information may be considered as sensitive, e.g. your income, deposit, securities, commercial insurance, real estate information, and tax payment. Please note that you may disclose your sensitive personal information when you provide, upload or post relevant content or information when using our services. You shall consider whether or not to disclose your sensitive personal information when you are using our services. You agree to process your sensitive personal information for the purposes and in the manners as set forth in this Privacy Policy.
We hereby declare that we do not collect and store the following information: religion, genes, fingerprints, blood type, diseases and medical history.

How do we collect information?

We or our third-party partners may collect, use and store your information via cookies and web beacons.
We use our own cookies and web beacons to provide you with special experience and services and to:

• Remember your identity. For example, cookies and web beacons help us identify you as a registered user, or memorize your preferences or other information that you provide to us;
• Analyze your use of our services. For example, we can use cookies and web beacons to know in which activities you participate with our services, or which pages or services are most preferred by you;
• Advertising optimization. Cookies and web beacons help us provide you with advertisements that are relevant to you based on your information rather than general advertising.

While cookies and web beacons are used for the purposes above, we may provide advising companies or other partners with non-personal identity information collected with cookies and web beacons and processed statistically in order to analyze how users use our services and use such information for advertising services.
Our products and services may have cookies and web beacons placed by our advertisers or other partners. These cookies and web beacons may collect non-personal identity information used to analyze how users use the services, to send you advertisements that may be of interest to you, or to evaluate performance of advertising services. These third-party cookies and web beacons collect and use such information without being governed by this Privacy Policy, but by the privacy policy concerning relevant users, so we are not responsible for third-party cookies or web beacons.
You may refuse or manage cookies or web beacons with help of your browser settings. However, please note that if you disable cookies or web beacons, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience and some services may not work normally. Meanwhile, you will receive the same volume of advertising which are less relevant to you.

Advertising service

We may use your information to provide you with advertisements that are more relevant to you.
We may also use your information to send you marketing information, provide or promote the following goods and services of Papergames or third parties with our services, by email or other means:

• Products or services of Papergames, our affiliates and partners, including instant messaging services, online media services, interactive entertainment services, social networking services, payment services, internet search services, location and map services, application software and services, data management software and services, online advertising services, internet finance, and other social media, entertainment, e-commerce, information and communication software or services (collectively, "Internet Services");
• Third-party products or services, including but not limited to: Internet Services, food and beverage, sports, music, movies, television, live performances and other arts and entertainment, books, magazines and other publications, clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electronics, collectibles, household utensils, appliances, home décor and furnishings, pets, cars, hotels, transportation and travel, banking, insurance and other financial services, membership points and reward programs, and other goods or services that we think may be related to you.
If you do not wish us to use your personal information for the above advertising purposes, you may request us to stop such use by following the tips in our advertisements or guides in specific services.

Mail and information we may send to you

Mail and messages
When you use our services, we may send emails, news or notices to your device with your information. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can choose to unsubscribe on your device by following our tips.
Service related announcements
We may send service-related announcements to you if necessary (for example, when a certain service is suspended for the purpose of maintenance). You may not be able to cancel these announcements that are not advertisements but are related to the service.

Third-party services

Our service may include or link to social media or other service (including websites) provided by third parties. Example:
• You transfer certain content to our service with the “Share” button, or you log in to our service with a third-party link. Your information (including your log) may be collected with these functions and cookies may be installed to your computer to perform such functions;
• We provide you with links on advertisements or other means of our service, so that you can access third-party services or websites.
Such third-party social media or other services may be operated by third parties or us. Your use of such third-party social media service or other services (including any personal information you provide to such third party) is subject to the third party's service provisions and privacy policy (not this Privacy Policy), so you shall go through them carefully. This Privacy Policy does not apply to services or information provided by any third party, but only to information we collect. We are not responsible for any third party's use of information provided by you.

Minors using our services

Papergames recommends that any minor who participates in an online activity shall have prior consent from their parents or legal guardians (collectively "Guardians"). Papergames will protect information related to minors in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Parents or guardians are encouraged to provide guidance for minors under the age of 18 when using our services. We recommend that minors should encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and they should have consent and guidance from their parents or guardians before submitting their personal information.

Applicability of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all of our services except for certain services that are governed by a statement of personal information protection. Such statement will specify how we use your information in the services, and shall be integral to this Privacy Policy. If said statement conflicts with this Privacy Policy, the former shall prevail. Except otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as those defined in other public provisions formulated by Papergames.
Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to:
• Information collected through third-party services (including any third-party website) accessed via our services; and
• Information collected by other companies or institutions that provide advertising service in the course of our service.

Amendment of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time and the amendment shall be integral to this Privacy Policy. If such amendment causes substantial loss of your rights under this Privacy Policy, we'll let you know by giving a notice prominently on the homepage or emailing you or informing you otherwise before the amendment takes effect. In this event, your continuing to use our services shall constitute your consent to observe the amendment of this Privacy Policy.
We encourage you to check our Privacy Policy every time you access Papergames.

Other agreements:

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